Mark Orchard

Junior Technician

Life Motto- “Each minute is a treasure, and once it passes, it’s gone forever, reflected only weakly in memory.” – R. Val Johnson

About Mark

Mark is the youngest of the staff at Old Town Computers as well as the most enthusiastic person you will ever meet. His love for IT came in full form when he began working as the IT technician during his time in high school. He is currently attending College of America and studying Computer Science. He enjoys running, spending time with friends and family, tinkering with computers, and reading articles on technology. His friends call him a geek with a social life.

What Mark Does at Old Town Computers

As Junior Technician, Mark supplements the Lead Technicians on projects as well as specializing in cloud backup management, desktop and application support, and asset management. His cable management skills are superior over everyone else's in the office and he prides himself on this fact. His eagerness to learn and his constant state of genuine happiness makes him a valuable member of our team, as his interaction with clients always sets the standard for Old Town Computers.

Fun Facts About Mark

  • First Degree Black Belt in Traditional Japanese Jujitsu
  • Sings in the Choir at his church
  • Plans to purchase a Tesla Model 3 as soon as he gets a raise