Lazarus Lesperance

Lead Technician

Life Motto-“When there is something to be said, it is better if it is said right away.  If it is said later, it will sound like an excuse.” – The Essential Book of the Samurai

About Lazarus

Laz has been with Old Town Computers since he was attending Front Range Community College and was brought on as an intern. Upon graduation he worked his way up to become a Lead Technician and is now one of the senior members of the Old Town Computers Team. He has always had a passion for everything IT related and knew his career would be in this field since he was a kid. When he is not in front of a computer he would prefer boating on a warm lake with plenty of friends and if that weren't an option then having a pint at a local brewery would be the next best thing.

What Lazarus Does at Old Town Computers

As a lead technician, Laz specializes in networking and systems administration, as well as disaster recovery solutions. Laz is always willing to go the extra mile for Old Town Computers and this work ethic carries over to the clients he serves. As a Colorado native he values the importance of local businesses and prides himself knowing he is using his technical expertise to benefit these organizations while playing a significant role in allowing them to thrive in their given market.

Fun Facts About Lazarus

  • Skilled in Hand to Hand Combat including weapons such as swords, spears, glaives, and batons.
  • Avid participant in Dagorhir- A live action role playing game inspired by Lord of the Rings.
  • Exceptionally good at most video games- according to him.