Welcome to Old Town Computers!

Old town computers Old Town Computers specializes in designing and supporting IT systems that complement and improve the way your company does business.

Whether you're looking to setup your first network, manage your existing infrastructure, upgrade end-user computers, expand your office’s IT capabilities, or utilize any other computer and software technology to support your business goals, Old Town Computers can help you achieve success. Our clients range across the foothills, from Denver up into Cheyenne and we are always looking for exciting new challenges. Old Town Computers leverages sound education, hands on experience, IT certifications and up to the minute technology to help our clients achieve IT freedom.
OTC does this by:

  • Utilizing standard IT best practices
  • Developing strategy plans to drive our clients from reactive to proactive solutions
  • Showing clients how to best utilize and invest in their IT
  • Building long-term relationships with clients to work on the long-term IT goals, not just short-term.
  • Being local and staying local to provide excellent response time and customer satisfaction

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